9 Reasons to add Crimini Mushrooms to your next Meal

Weight Loss

Crimini mushrooms, sometimes known as baby portobellos, are packed full of fiber to help you feel full longer and thwart any cravings that try to arise. These little mushrooms are also rich in vitamin B, making them a great support food for a healthy metabolism. The combination of a healthy metabolism, more fiber, and less overall calorie consumption will aid in weight loss.

A Healthy Digestive System

These little mushrooms pack a big nutritional punch with a healthy dose of selenium. Selenium, the oft-forgotten, but nevertheless important, nutrient supports thyroid and reproductive health, DNA production and may even prevent some types of cancers. If you are a woman with chronic bladder infections, try adding selenium-rich foods, like crimini mushrooms, to your diet.

Gain Energy and Intellect

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, headaches, or insomnia, you may find relief in crimini mushrooms. These little mushrooms are full of b vitamins and antioxidants that boost our immune system and give energy to our brains. The combination of antioxidants and B vitamins present in crimini mushrooms may improve overall cognitive health, keeping the brain healthier for longer as you age.

Pass Benefits to Your Baby

Crimini mushrooms are packed full of nutrients that expectant mothers need to keep both mom and baby healthy. Rich in vitamin b and d, iron, protein, and antioxidants, crimini mushrooms help combat fatigue and promote healthy skin, vision, bone, and brain development. Pregnant women are susceptible to anemia as they pump enough blood for two, but luckily crimini mushrooms can help support a healthy iron level too!

Enjoy a Healthy Gut

The antioxidants and selenium found in crimini mushrooms help support a healthy gut biome. Antioxidants are essential to help remove free radicals, and selenium can help prevent uncomfortable issues like inflammation and leaky gut syndrome. By adding crimini mushrooms to your meal rotation, you can protect against gut issues and enjoy a healthy digestive system.

Help Control Your Diabetes

Crimini mushrooms are a low glycemic food, which means they won’t cause your blood sugar to spike when you eat them. The zinc contained in the mushrooms also works to stabilize blood sugar levels. Eating these mushrooms can help you prevent diabetes or aid in controlling your already developed type 1 or 2. Never use food in place of prescribed medication without first talking with your physician.

Help Protect your Heart

Crimini mushrooms can’t protect you from a bad love affair, but they can help your heart by reducing inflammation, protecting blood vessels from damage, regulating blood pressure, and reducing the risk of certain cardiovascular diseases. These mushrooms also benefit the heart by providing calcium and iron, two nutrients that are essential in moving oxygen through the body!

Fight the Common Cold

Adding crimini mushrooms to your daily diet can boost the immune system and cause white blood cells to be more active. With healthy and active white blood cells, you may be able to skip the common cold this year! Try finding ways to incorporate crimini mushrooms into at least one meal a day.

Protect your Body from Premature Aging

As we age, the risk of serious disease becomes more immediate and scary. Luckily we have crimini mushrooms as an easy way to fight back against free radicals and help prevent many severe health conditions. Doctors suggest eating five crimini mushrooms a day to achieve protection against conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease!

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