Easter Pastel Sprinkle Chocolate Chip Cookies

That’s it. Two ingredients. Your time in the kitchen altogether from start to finish? 20 minutes. I know what you’re thinking. No Way! Yes, Way. And Why? I wanted to give you a quick recipe that you can make in a Hop, Skip and Jump. Spring is the best time to start anew. Whether you are deciding to hop to it and do a little Spring cleaning, Skip to start a new exercise routine or Jump for joy that this recipe is one of the easiest you will make, so you can carve out more time doing exactly what you want to do.

I love those days myself. I used to love Art, and recently realized I had not picked up a paintbrush since high school. Recently, I I noticed that I needed a de-stressor and felt the urge to paint something. I went on Amazon and ordered myself an entire paint kit. It came the next day, thanks to Prime. And, the following day, I painted a cupcake that I made recently. It was a strawberry cupcake with cream cheese frosting. I was so happy with my painted creation. I told you previously that I love to eat.

Easter Pastel Sprinkle Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Recipe by Madison
Course: DessertDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time




  • 1 package chocolate chip cookie dough

  • assorted pastel sprinkles


  • Preheat the oven to 325°F. Roll cookie dough into balls and press the balls into the sprinkles so that the sprinkles coat the top of the cookies when baked.
  • Place cookie dough on a baking sheet and bake for 12-15 minutes. Enjoy!


So, perhaps my next painting will be this cookie with the pastel sprinkles Yum Yum. Get ready. Pull out the pre-made cookie dough and your assorted sprinkles. I used pastels, but feel free to use what colors you like. I should warn you that you might want to make extras because they won’t last very long. They are as cute as they are delicious.

It is amazing at times to me, how simple life can be if we give ourselves permission to just, well, keep it simple. Those times make the best memories and we all love reminiscing. This basic recipe can be a family affair. The adults can roll out or cut the pre-made dough. The little ones can count out the number of sprinkles that will go on each cookie and what cool colors will adorn each one.

Then, once the cookies are on the baking sheet, it’s time to pop those cuties in the oven, set your timer to 12 minutes and tidy up what little mess you may have made. Then, get your taste buds ready. Grab a platter to put the cooled cookies on and see how fast they disappear. You might have to make another batch. Yes. They are that Good!

I love chocolate. The colorful sprinkles conjured up memories of me as a child every year, looking forward to finding my Easter basket at the end of the scavenger hunt. That basket was loaded with all of my favorites: peeps, chocolates galore, especially a homemade brownie with pastel sprinkles and a stuffed bunny. I am a little embarrassed to say this, but my Easter Basket scavenger hunt didn’t stop until I finally went off to college. Yes, you read it correctly. College. Blame my mom. She made the baskets for me and my sister every year, from the time we were barely walking, to yes, over the age of 18. And yes, still running like children through the house, trying to be the first one to get to that basket. Since she knew I loved to color, I always had a coloring book and crayons in my basket.

So, you go ahead and enjoy making this sweet treat, while I go and pull out my paintbrush. I think I’ll eat another yummy sprinkled cookie with a cold glass of milk. I’ll try not to dip the paintbrush in my milk. Enjoy baking and making sweet memories!

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